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If you’ve been following Todd McFarlane’s social media pages, he’s been quite vocal about his desire to revisit the famed antihero, Spawn. Going about it the old-fashioned way, Todd McFarlane took to his Facebook page, uploaded a video, and gave us a few juicy details regarding his script. Sitting at approximately 141 pages, Todd stated in his video that he is trimming it down to approximately 120 pages. On top of these few details, he went on to introduce a select page from his script.

If you’re lucky, you can read a few lines from it, depending on how well you can pick apart the words from the script (his camera seems rather outdated). Luckily for us, Todd does go on to confirm that he has had at least 14 studios approach him, all of which are interested in the movie. Among the news of his famed character Al Simmons once more returning to the screen, we also learned that Twitch from the comic Sam and Twitch will play a key role in this movie.

You can check out the video regarding his upcoming movie down below:

Just Because It’s Done Doesn’t Mean We Get a Movie

While Todd McFarlane was firm in his statement about a script being done and being approached about it multiple times, he sets us back down to Earth with one sobering statement. Just because his script is done doesn’t mean it’s being made. What he means is: There’s a script, studios can take a look at it, and they can discuss whether or not they want to make the movie, which is targeted to be a hard R-rated horror. This means this movie will follow the rating path of both Deadpool and Logan.

McFarlane does state in the video that he is optimistic about his hopes of being greenlit by San Diego Comic-Con. If it does get greenlit, it’ll surely be a heck of an exciting time, and one many fans will be cheering and raving about for awhile.

If The Movie Doesn’t Get Made, Netflix Could Be An Option

[Credit: Image Comics]
[Credit: Image Comics]

A surprising move that could happen is also one of the most unlikely ones: a series. The odds of becoming a rather hard R Netflix series would put Spawn at odds with any other franchise out there. Not only is the series vulgar in language, it’s bloody, it’s grotesque, it contains quite a bit of nudity, and almost nothing is off limits with the Spawn franchise.

While Spawn was once an HBO exclusive animated series, it was one that was not shy of just who Al Simmons became. It was one that gave us a look inside the general of Hell’s army; the man who forsake everything to get revenge on those who wronged him in the name of Malebolgia. This movie would put a rather controversial antihero next to smash-hit Netflix headliners such as Stranger Things, The OA, Marvel’s Defenders (as well as their individual series) — even Sens8.

Let’s just hope we at least get to see this script come to life and move forward so that we can get the gritty Spawn series or movie we deserve.