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has done it again with another compelling and addictive series: the new psycho-sexual drama/thriller Gypsy.

The show is from the director of 50 Shades of Grey, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and stars Naomi Watts as the mysterious Jean Holloway. She’s a therapist with a supposedly picture-perfect life who becomes a bit too infatuated by the lives of her patients, particularly a client’s ex-girlfriend. Jean develops a double life, adopting the name Diane Hart to pursue her intoxicating curiosities.

Since the series’ release at the end of June, I haven’t seen much conversation about the new Netflix drama. deals with topics such as ADHD and gender dysmorphia in children. We see this in Jean’s nine year old daughter, Dolly (Maren Heary), who wears typically ‘boy’ clothes and demands her hair to be cut like a boy. The drama also has a intriguing, compelling, and strong female lead in Naomi Watts. This is refreshing because, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, strong and well-written female leads are still lacking on film and TV. Watts executes her role as the impulsive therapist extremely well.

After binge watching all ten episodes there are still many unanswered questions, keeping my interest in the series. Let’s go through them one by one below:

1. What Will Sidney Do?

'Gypsy' [Credit: Netflix]
‘Gypsy’ [Credit: Netflix]

Gypsy begins with Jean seeing client Sam (Karl Glusman), whose problems are rooted in his dysfunctional relationship with on-and-off girlfriend Sidney (Sophie Cookson). Sidney is described as powerful and controlling, piquing Jean’s curiosity. Compelled by her client’s ex, Jean finds the coffee shop where she works. A spark immediately jumps between the two women, which leads to the birth of Jean’s lesbian-alter-ego Diane Hart.

As time goes on, Jean and Sidney engage in a passionate and reckless relationship, yet Sidney is intrigued by Diane’s secrecy and her work as a journalist. In the final episode, Sidney has figured “Diane” out. She discovers an article supposedly written by Diane is actually the work of Jean’s husband’s potential mistress. She also discovers that “Diane” is actually married and has a child.

In the final scene of the series, Sidney turns up at Jean’s daughter’s school, where Jean is giving a speech on the psychology and practice of bullying. Jean stands on stage under the spotlight, and she sees Sidney at the back of the hall. She does not, however, seem concerned that her two worlds are about to collide. What will Sidney do with this information? Does she plan to expose Jean in front of an audience? Or does this merely heighten her curiosity? Jean and Sidney are a power couple to look out for.

2. What Really Happened To Allison After The Knock On The Door?

'Gypsy' [Credit: Netflix]
‘Gypsy’ [Credit: Netflix]

Jean also became too involved with drug addict Allison, played by Lucy Boynton. After the patient has troubles with her mother and abusive boyfriend Tom, Jean offers Allison a place to stay. The location? Her secret apartment where alter-ego Diane Hart lives. During Allison’s stay, she discovers tapes belonging to Diane. Shortly after, we hear someone try to get into the apartment with a key. The cross-cut editing tells us this definitely wasn’t Jean. The next thing we know, Allison is missing. Toward the end of the final episode, we see who we assume to be Allison laying in the back of Tom’s car, unresponsive. How did she get there? Is she alive? And who was that at the door?

3. Will Detective Kelly Find Out About Jean’s Double Life?

'Gypsy' [Credit: Netflix]
‘Gypsy’ [Credit: Netflix]

After Allison was filed as a missing person, Detective Kelly (Craig Wroe) investigates. He discovers Allison was staying in an apartment and informs Jean he will explore this lead. Jean frantically rushes over to the apartment to get rid of any personal items that may link the apartment back to her. She seems to have forgotten a picture of her mother, however. Was this intentional? We know that Jean’s mum rents the apartment in her name. Was Jean covering her tracks or will Kelly link the apartment to back to Jean and expose her double life?

4. What Will Happen With Sam And Sidney?

'Gypsy' [Credit: Netflix]
‘Gypsy’ [Credit: Netflix]

In the final episode, we see Jean urge Sidney and Sam to get back together, but why? Jean has invested so much time and effort into keeping the two former lovers apart so she could have Sidney to herself. Perhaps Jean has realized her web of lies has become too suffocating, and that she can’t function as both Jean and Diane?

As Sidney arrives to Jean/Diane’s speech, Sam lets himself into Sidney’s apartment. Did he go there to steal his dog back? Or did he go kiss and make up with Sidney?

5. Will There Be a second season?

The biggest question we have is whether there will be a second season. Nothing has been announced thus far, but surely with these unanswered questions – plus other unresolved elements – there has to be another season.

Writer Lisa Rubin says:

“We’re all excited about the possibility [of a second season]. It’s very much on the table. I’m sure they’ll announce it either way in a few weeks.”

She also states that if season two happens, we’ll understand Jean’s motives:

“Jean is a mystery, and a lot of those questions about her past will be answered in a second season. We’ll start to understand her foundation and her motivations.”

What did you think of Gypsy? Do you want a second season?